Commemorating Flight 387 of Cebu Pacific – Mount Sumagaya (Mount Lumot traverse) PART I

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This famous mountain of the south is remembered as the crash site of Flight 387 of Cebu Pacific last February 1998 (Mount Lumot to be specific). Mount Sumagaya traverse Mount Lumot is located in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. After that crash incident, this has been a popular hiking destination here in Northern Mindanao aside from the famous “Kitanglad-Dulang-dulang traverse or KD2” in Bukidnon. It has an elevation of 2248+ MASL for Mount Sumagaya and 2320+ MASL for Mount Lumot making it as a 3-4 days climb. For the hardcore, it can be done by a 2-3 day climb.  Some of the blogs that I’ve read would say, it would be better if we had this climb as Mount Lumot traverse Mount Sumagaya but in this case, we do the reverse to save time because Mount Sumagaya’s jump-off is much nearer to Cagayan De Oro City than Mount Lumot. The PART I of this blog entails the venture of our Mount Sumagaya climb.

At Mount Sumagaya jump-off
From left: Anjo, Me, Ian, Cherie and Dave

Purok 7, Brgy. Mat-i, Claveria, Misamis Oriental is the Major Jump-off of Mount Sumagaya. In terms of logistics (transportation, registration, etc.), this traverse is quite hassle especially the registration process. You’ll need to get a permit at the Office of the Mayor, Tourism Office and even in Claveria Police Station and Military Base Camp located near Purok 7 for the purpose of security. This mountain is said to be lodged with many bandits and NPA that’s why there’s a need for those lengthy registration process.

From Davao City, we traveled for almost 9 hours to reached Cagayan De Oro City and then another 1-2 hours travel time going to Brgy. Mat-i. Upon commencing this traverse, we were welcomed by a not so good weather which makes us feel a bit worried.

We started trekking the open trail around 7:00 AM, and reached the village almost an hour. As what Anjo told us, there is an easier route for us to reached the village but suddenly that route was filled with mud and eventually being used as a part of irrigation for fostering the crops. As you can see, there are river crossing in which it makes us our way to the village quite hassle. I am uncertain as to where the water came from. Is it brought by the rain or falls or whatsoever, who knows!

As we arrived at the village, we immediately hired a local guide/porter. It’s a must to hire a local guide on every climb we have. Just a little reminder. 🙂




Us featuring the splendid views of beautiful grasses and crops! ^_^

After we proceed from the village, another open trail with beautiful crops awaits. As we continued, the trail starts to get steep and forested.

Uphill portion of Mount Sumagaya.

We encountered a lot of mountain ranges as we start to ascend and enter the forested part of this mountain. Akin to Mount Talomo, Mount Sumagaya has a very established and wonderful trail. Though it’s also a non-stop uphill climb, the trail was somehow forgivable compared to Mount Talomo. Lesson learned hahaha!

Landslide. Yay!

In the middle of our adventure, we noticed a landslide portion of this mountain. It was a rainy season at that time that’s why it is expected that the ground are not so stable as it is. We’re very cautious on every ground we stepped, which makes our pacing a bit slower.

At Berni Sala Campsite

Berni Sala Campsite is the only campsite with available water source aside from the village and summit campsite. We rested for a while and decided to took our lunch. At this campsite, an hour away is needed to reached the summit. 🙂 Yahooo! 



Non-stop uphill climb
Hello again, Pitcher plant!

Past the campsite, we continue our adventure going to the summit. As you can see, continuous ascension are still at us. Very exhausting and tiring climb. I could still remember my climb in Mount Talomo and all the struggle that I endured on conquering that mountain. *sigh! Also, this mountain has a lot of pitcher plants just like in Mount Talomo. 🙂



At the summit of Mount Sumagaya.

Finally, we reached the summit of Mount Sumagaya. Sadly, we were not blessed with scenic and blissful views. The picture says it all! haha. But it’s okay for as long as we reached the summit safe and sound. We arrived at 1:00 PM and we’re kinda worried because the weather is not on its mood and might rain anytime soon, so we immediately start pitching our tents.

31.JPG 32.JPG

After pitching and setting our camps, we took a sleep for a while and providentially, the weather starts to delightfully provides us the views we’re expecting. Yey! So we immediately go to the view deck portion and wait for the clouds and fogs to disappear. We took photos and patiently wait for a clearer views.

Mount Balatukan as my background. hehe
The prominent dead tree at the summit of Mount Sumagaya.


We’re so happy because somehow, we are blessed with the fascinating views that this mountain can provide despite the cloudy and foggy weather we encountered during the duration of the climb. We are able to witnessed the majestic Mount Balatukan together with the dead trees which is the classical landmark of this summit. Everybody went up from that tree and took a photos as a personal memento. This type of landmark are also present and remarkable at the summit of Mount Kalatungan and Mount Wiji in Bukidnon.

Ian, Cherie, Dave, Me and Anjo at the other side of the view deck




At the other of the summit, fascinating views of the majestic Mount Kitanglad ranges and Mount Hilong-hilong are present. A lot of mountain ranges actually, but those mentioned mountains are the ones I can recognized at that time. Sad to say, the ranges that I have mentioned are not so cleared and being covered with clouds.

Good morning! 🙂

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and the weather is still gloomy with a breezing air. I was expecting of a beautiful sunrise but it turns out to be a cloudy and nimbus weather though. So sad! Instead, we prepared coffee and breakfast to soothes the morning weather mood. 🙂


yey! The weather went good on us. 🙂

After we finished our breakfast and preparing for our Mount Lumot escapade, thank God that the weather went good and finally saw the ever majestic view of Mount Balatukan. SOOO WONDERFUL!

Mount Kitanglad ranges and Mount Hilong-hilong

At last, a clearer view of Mount Kitanglad ranges and Hilong-hilong greeted us. It’s like the summit tells us to have a safe adventure on our way to Mount Lumot. God is so good indeed. 🙂

Can’t get enough with the beauty of Mount Balatukan
Bon Voyage, Mount Sumagaya!

I can’t keep my eyes on the beauty of Mount Balatukan as viewed in this summit. Almost a perfect cone mountain.

Thank you, Mount Sumagaya for the memory and experience. Though it didn’t provides us  the starry starry night effect and beautiful sunrise during our camp but still we’re thankful for the opportunity. Those arduous and non-stop ascend are one of the things that I couldn’t forget on this climb. Despite the exhaustion (well, every mountaineer can relate what I mean), we arrived safely at the summit of Mount Sumagaya without any injuries. Stay tune for the PART II of this adventure. 🙂

For useful tips and reminders, just visit the PART II of this blog. 🙂


If you’re from Manila, Cebu and other places located within Luzon and Visayas area:

1. Book a flight going to Cagayan De Oro City. You can also travel via ferry or even by land. In terms of fare of ferry and Philtranco or any means of vehicle by land, please do research on it. 🙂

If you’re from Mindanao:

1. Ride a bus going to Cagayan De Oro City. Fare going to CDO may depend upon where you come from. In our case, we are from Davao City so the fare is Php 600.00 for aircon and Php 450.00 for non-aircon.

In Cagayan De Oro City, go directly at Agora Terminal and have a ride going to Claveria, Misamis Oriental (Sumagaya-Lumot Traverse) OR Gingoog City (Lumot-Sumagaya Traverse).

Travel time going to Claveria, Misamis Oriental – 1 hour and 30 minutes (van); 3-4 hours (jeepney)

Travel time going to Gingoog City – 1 to 3 hours including the habal-habal ride going to Brgy. Lunotan (jump-off of Mount Lumot). 


Going to Claveria, Misamis Oriental:

OPTION 1: There are van rentals that would offer Php 200/head minimum of 10 persons. Advantage of this option is that, you can have a less time consuming and comfortable trip.

OPTION 2: Ride a chartered jeepney going to Claveria. Fare would be Php 80.00. Expect for an interval for this trip. Cheap fare but time consuming trip.

Going to Gingoog City:

1. Ride a bus going to Gingoog City. Fare is around Php 180-190. I’m  not sure about the exact price of the fare but I’m pretty sure, it would not exceed Php 200.

2. Hire a habal-habal going to Brgy. Lunotan, the jump-off of Mount Lumot. Fare is Php 100.00. In terms of registration, I’m not sure if the process is the same with Mount Sumagaya. sorry. 😦

In term of registration fee, I don’t have any idea on how much would it cost. Just like what I have said, much better if you have an event organizer  on this climb. Make sure to hire someone who has an experience on organizing an event in this traverse.


You can contact Anjo Dorado at 0909-228-0108 or you can pm at his Facebook account or like TEAM EXPLORER  page on FB for more information and schedule of climb events here in Mindanao.

In this climb, I strongly suggest to hire an event organizer. Climbing this mountain requires a lot of time especially on registration process and securing a permit.




4 thoughts on “Commemorating Flight 387 of Cebu Pacific – Mount Sumagaya (Mount Lumot traverse) PART I

    Adrenaline Romance said:
    October 30, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Wow! That’s a very virginal forest. Mt. Sumagaya is among the top mountains in our country in our mountaineering bucket list. 🙂

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      October 31, 2016 at 9:46 pm

      Thanks. It’s a must try mountain. Well paid in terms of its trail and view. 🙂


        L.E. Montilla said:
        February 2, 2017 at 8:24 am

        Nice blog..very informative..nice photos too..a bit of correction, may just a typographical lapse, Flight 387 crashed on Feb 2, 1998, not 1988..

        Liked by 1 person

        February 7, 2017 at 4:02 am

        Thank you very much for the correction sir. I will edit it right away. :))))


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