Month: November 2016

Commemorating Flight 387 of Cebu Pacific – Mount Sumagaya (Mount Lumot traverse) PART II

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Conquering mountains is not just a hobby, past time or sports. It is an opportunity to witnessed how magnificent God is – views that few people can behold and blissfully cherish on it. Also, it teaches us on how to be positive despite of having hard time conquering the summit. In mountaineering, you will learn to appreciate and enjoy the small luxuries in life like the water we normally drink in the city or at home,  when you have it at the summit, it is like you’re having the most potable water you had in your life. These are few reasons on why climbing a mountain is an addiction. This traverse provides us with an unforgettable moments in life. In this climb, I met new friends, new learning opportunities and another lessons in life.

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