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Every second Sunday of the month of May, we celebrated the day of one of the most important woman of our life. Ma, Nay, Mom, Ermats, Mommy and other moniker we used to describe the best woman in the whole wide universe, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Here in the Philippines, Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May. It is celebrated throughout the country with utmost ardent. Mother’s Day is not just about celebrating it to honor the greatness and nobleness of our mother, from giving birth to us up to their last breath, but it is a special moment for us to give thanks, show our utmost love and reverence to them.



To my best superhero in the world, no words can express how much I love and owe my life to you. You’re the real MVP! I’ve witnessed how you were able to sustain our needs especially on those times that we were on the brink of collapse. I can’t imagine how you were able to survive and endure all those sleepless nights thinking of how to provide us food, allowance, tuition fee and other basic expenses our family needs. I am astounded by how you were able to act as a breadwinner and as well as a caring and loving mother to us. Your courageous and strong will was our strong tower and driving force which leads us to what I am and my brothers today. You never surrender and give up during the times that we had the most unfortunately turn of events of our life – BROKEN FAMILY. What I love the most about you ma is your patience. Despite of our stubbornness and shortcomings, you managed to take good care and molds us to become a better person. You are my motivation on why I strive hard in excelling during my college days which I myself can’t believe that I can excel and do good in study. Thank you ma for being the best adviser in all aspect of life. Your advises when it comes to the context of finance is unparalleled. Hands up for being my best adviser and counselor. You are the best mom ever!

Always have the time to express your love to your mom. Don’t wait for a significant event or holiday for you to express your love to someone/mom. Cherish every moments you have with them and give your best shots to express your love, give thanks and treasure every little things your had with your mom. Make Mother’s Day an everyday event of your life. Again, Happy Mother’s Day Ma. I may not be there to celebrate this event with you today, but please know that my love for you is incomparable. Enjoy this day ma. I LOVE YOU. 🙂

I dedicated this short blog to my mom and to all the mom’s out there for their relentless and unconditional love they gave to their love ones. 🙂

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