Trekking Mount Guiting-Guiting(G2): One of the Knife Edge Mountains in the Philippines

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Standing at 2,058+ MASL, this Mountain located at Sibuyan Island, Romblon holds a reputation and one of the most respected mountains here in the Philippines not because of it’s elevation akin to that of Apo, Dulang-Dulang and other highest recorded peaks, but because of it’s technicality and perilous trails which this famed mountain gained the respect of Filipino Mountaineers. Mount Guiting-Guiting is considered to be the toughest hikes in the Philippines with a 9/9 difficulty trail as being scaled by majority of the mountaineers. It was also dubbed as the “Galapagos of Asia” because of it’s virginal biodiversity.

Mount Guiting-guiting is preeminent among all the mountains here in the Philippines due to it’s dramatic jagged ridges which is the major highlight of the mountain. Famous landmarks that most of the mountaineers look forward upon venturing this mountain were the following: Knife Edge, Kiss The Wall, Mayo’s Peak, and Peak Of Deception. As they say, only hikers with enough stamina, well prepared in terms of physical state and planned itinerary are advised to contest the mighty of Guiting-guiting.

Join me on this breath-taking and major bucket list of mine despite of all the intimidating and scary introductory remarks this mountain implanted to us hikers who experienced it’s mighty among all the mountains we hiked. 🙂

On our way to Romblon

This climb happened last February 7-13, 2018. Due to hectic schedule and tons of workload in the workplace, I find it hard to update my site and share with you my first adventure this year. Thankful for having a canceled trip this week – it gave me leeway to relive and reinvigorate the sense of happiness and memorable experiences this adventure brought to me.

Let’s start…

This adventure started when Anjo posted an event last year on G2. As I saw his post, without any hesitation I immediately commit to join his trip. We created a group chat right after so that we can discussed for the planning, concerns, possible back-out, among others. By the way, it was the first time Anjo organized a trip on this mountain and at the back of my mind, I was reluctant upon the success of the adventure, but that never stopped me from committing myself to join. Of course who wouldn’t took the risk especially if it is penned as #1 on your bucket list? Also, I find it convenient on my part because I knew the organizer for quite some time and I trusted his leadership on this trip. It took us almost a year of preparation and planning for this event to push through.

We arrived in Manila from Davao around 12AM of February 7. From Manila, we rode a bus going to Batangas to catch a trip going to Romblon. Unfortunately, we’re unable to catch the first trip of Ferry Boat going to Romblon, and so we waited for the next trip. It took us whole day of boring waiting game, so we decided to stroll around Batangas City. Around 2 PM, finally the Ferry Boat was ready to accept passenger which officiates this unforgettable adventure. Wohooo! As we took our ride going to Romblon, I was very thankful that finally we were able to see and experience what the bloggers shared on their blogs about their experiences they had on this mountain. I read tons of blogs about Mount Guiting-Guiting as part of mental conditioning and jotted down notes of the reminders they wrote on their posts. Look how prepared I was. haha!

Hello G2. 🙂

After a grueling 16 hours of cruising overseas, we arrived on Sibuyan Island, Romblon safely. As you can noticed, overlooking jagged ridges of Guiting-Guiting excites our wandering souls and bedazzled as if he’s inviting us to challenge his might right away HAHA! Sibuyan Island is one of the Major Islands of Romblon Province. It is also the home of many endemic flora and fauna – some of them were recently been discovered. It was coined as “Galapagos of Asia” for the reason of it’s well-preserved and almost untouchable environment. Some international bloggers commended the beaches residing Romblon Province because of the rawness, cleanliness and less touristy destinations such as Carabao Island, Bon Bon Beach, Tablas Island, and many more. If given the chance, I would be glad to revisit this beautiful province. If only we had the luxury or time on this adventure, maybe we can visit those mentioned islands which I only saw on Instagram and travel blogs. Urgggh! Moving on…


Let the journey begin.
At DENR office.

After docking at San Fernando, we rented a charted jeepney going to Brgy. Magdiwang where Sir Toto was waiting on us. Before embarking at Brgy. Magdiwang, we secured first our permit at the tourism office and also bought food for the entire adventure. Splendid views of the island were the major scenery while having our travel going to Magdiwang. After 2-hours of rough road ride, we arrived at Brgy. Magdiwang where Sir Toto warmly welcomed us with a feast of liquor (not again! *sigh) HAHA! Sir Toto offered his house for us to save energy for tomorrow’s battle. Adjacent to his house, a clear and enticing river allured us to take a bath. Without any hesitation, we quickly jumped over the river. The feeling of having no bath for almost 3 days were replaced with a refreshing and rejuvenating vibe. HAHA!

Long Exposure Photography. 🙂
What a vibrant sunset. 🙂

While others were still on the river enjoying the cold and revitalizing water, me on the other side was doing this long exposure photography on a rushing water using my ND filters. A series of trial and error were made for me to get the concept of this kind of photography. And luckily, I got a pretty decent shot though still needs a lot of improvement, but for me, it was a good and worth-a-try shot. Before the sun goes down, we visited the farm site at the back of Sir Toto’s crib were you can witnessed the mighty facade of Mount Guiting-Guiting. Beautiful chromatic skies were visibly seen as we had our rambling moments here in Romblon.

Dinner is serve. 🙂

While preparing for our feast-like supper, we had this funny role playing while serving each of the food and oh by the way, it was Anjo’s birthday that time, that is why we had this kind of set-up. After the dinner, we also prepared our 3-day meal plan starting from precooking the meat to avoid spoilage while being packed in the ziplock and slowly packed things up for tomorrow’s activity.

My first star trail photography
Light painting photography. 🙂
TEAM SIBOL for the win! 🙂
Majestic view of Guiting-Guiting at night. 🙂

It was around 9 PM when I noticed a lot of stars in the sky which was perfect for practicing star trail photography. I immediately took the time to go at the farm site and had with me my camera and tripod then proceeded with a series of trial and error in adjusting the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed of my camera. As I continuously shooting, some of my companion noticed me and wondered what I’m doing and so, they accompanied me which also prompt an idea of making them as my subject with my astrophotography. On my surprised, I got another decent shots which also excites them to have more shots for the sake of instagrammable shots! Haha! Me on my side was willingly took their photos for me to practice more in manipulating my camera.

This is it!

At 5 AM, we woke up with a cup of coffee and dried fish with egg to kick off and start the day. We gathered around 7AM, prayed for guidance and safety along our trip which was lead by Sir Toto. A 30-45 minutes open trail awaits as we headed straight towards Mount Guiting-Guiting. As we go along, humid environment starts to penetrate our body and the trail starts to become thick and moss. The first few hours were bearable and basic, but then we’re saturated and profusely sweating as if we’re in the middle of the adventure. We took a quick stopped over on Camp 2 to rest our numbing feet and ate our trail snack.




The quick rest on Camp 2 was enough for us to recharge and proceed right away to Camp 3 then have our lunch. A 1-2 hours uphill hike was needed for us to arrive in Camp 3. While having our lunch at Camp 3, Terrence and others found this epic and stoking tree with splendid view of jagged ridges – enough for us to relief those exhausting and pounding uphill hike. Right after a short break, we quickly moved going to Campsite (Mayo’s Peak). Upon assaulting, we saw another breath-taking tree with a more treacherous approach, but more fascinating and nearer sight of jagged edges. From Camp 3 going to Mayo’s Peak, we endured a 2-hours of non-stop assault and uphill hike which tested our patience and tolerance. Some of my companions were whining and complaining which was for me, a normal scenario especially if you’re in a uphill portion of hiking HAHAHA!

Mayo’s Peak

We arrived at Mayo’s Peak around 4 PM. Good thing coz we’re the only one’s occupying the campsite. The advantage of that was, we can select convenient and spacious spots for us to set up our camps and hammocks. Majority of my companions were bringing hammock then we connected our ply tarp for us to be protected in cases of unexpected outpouring of rain. Before I forgot to tell, Mount Guiting-Guiting is not just the typical mountain with a frigid and cold temperature when you’re at the peak. It is the total opposite of Mount Pulag, Apo, Dulang-Dulang, etc. And also that’s the reason why most of us brought hammocks instead of tents aside from lessening our load in our bags.

Just a bit of introduction about Mayo’s Peak. It was named after the first group of mountaineers coming from UP Manila to conquer Mount Guiting-Guiting. At that time, there were no recorded ascent made. A member of the said group named Mayo Monteza celebrated his birthday at what was called right now as “Mayo’s Peak”, and so the landmark, Mayo’s Peak was born.

Just a minute of walk from Campsite is where a rewarding spot which showcased the overlooking and rewarding view of Guiting-Guiting’s epic mountain ranges awaits. You can also see the jagged trail which was our trail for tomorrow’s hike going to summit. Beware of your footsteps upon exploring the peak because there are some rocks that were not stable and movable. I was the one who first explored the spot and right away called others so that they can still cherished the clearing and breath-taking views of Mayo’s Peak. We stayed and waited for sunset and while waiting, we took our own photogenic shots for memorabilia purposes. Here are some shots I got from Mayo’s Peak (check the pictures below).



Worthy shots at Mayo’s Peak. 🙂
TEAM SIBOL groupie shot at Mayo’s Peak. 🙂
Me and my elementary classmate, Sharry

Above images were some of the most memorable, and fun-filled experiences we had on Mayo’s Peak. We had our own solo pictures with the jagged ridges as background. Me as the one who took almost of their shots find it hard to sort and select best images for them (they had it set my gopro on a time-lapse manner. *sigh!). By the way, let me introduced to you my elementary classmate, Sharry. She’s my classmate way back when we were grade 3 and she was the most brilliant on our class. When I posted a video clip about Guiting-Guiting last year, she immediately messaged and notify me that she’s willing to join on our trip. I referred her right away to Anjo and then that’s it! After almost two decades of not seeing and conversing each other, we had the chance to converse and talked about any updates in life – from work, travel, etc. Also, the group photo are the participants from Davao City and majority of them were members of TEAM SIBOL. I think I’m the only one that is not a member at that time, but right now they recruited me and welcomed me on their group. TEAM SIBOL is a group of people who loves to wander places on a Do-It-Yourself manner regardless if it is a travel, chasing waterfalls, hiking, etc.   

27.jpg29At campsite, we cooked pork adobo on our group, while on others are sinigang na pork, and beef steak. It’s like we had the usual food when we were at the jump-off (not minding the hassle in terms of preparation of the said food). Right after our dinner, we had our socials and as we talked and had our sharing time, adjacent to our camp, we saw a “musang” or Wild Cat. Musang is very common in Guiting-Guiting and did you know that their excreta is the most expensive source of coffee in the world? During our ascent going to Mayo’s Peak, we saw a lot of their excreta along the trail. As the conversation gets more and more fun, I was looking at the sky wishing for a stellar one just like what we had on the jump-off. Indeed, Mayo’s Peak never failed to provides us with another epic and grandiose stellar skies. Without hesitation, I immediately proceed at the peak where we took our shots earlier. Tadaaaa… I almost got a milky way shots and got amazed though needs a lot of improvement. At least I got the idea of the setting and improved on the things that needs improvement (Practice makes perfect hehe). Anyway, we had early lights off in preparation for tomorrow’s more grueling hike.

DAY 232
Day 2 of the journey. Heading to summit. 🙂

This is it! The big day had arrived. We woke up early in preparation of today’s activity. We had our early breakfast and packed up our belongings. Our guide says that, a 8-10 hours hike is the estimated time for us to arrive at Camp 3 of Olango Trail, the campsite of Day 2 of this adventure. They also warned us to reserve tons of energy and budget our water because after Mayo’s Peak, Bulod Spring is the next spot for water source which is way past the Mayo’s Peak. Starting at Mayo’s Peak, Colorful and scenic view serves as a warm up for another leg-day. Sunrise welcomed us on exploring and experiencing the jagged trails going to summit. The weather was good and fine, no traces of any unexpected changes of weather as we continued navigating the ridges. In photo, the ridges looks dangerous because of the narrow path and for those having fear of height, this will test your tolerance if you will continue or not. Haha kidding.

Just a reminder: be careful on navigating the ridges and mindful of the rocks that you’re stepping. Make sure to step on those firm and stable rocks, though majority of the rocks were sturdy and stable.


On our way to “Kiss the Wall” and “Peak of Deception”
At Peak of Deception. 🙂

After hours of scrambling, ducking, pounding those rocky and perplexing trails, we were welcomed by one of the famous landmark in G2, “Kiss the wall”. Unfortunately, I don’t have a decent shots on that portion because I was scammed by our guide. He didn’t told me that we already finished passed “Kiss the wall” and I got pissed for that! Urgh. Good thing that Fred, one of my companion had a footage of “Kiss the wall” part (see embedded video below). Passed the “Kiss the wall” was the trail going to “Peak of Deception”, another famous landmark in G2. It was called “Peak of Deception” for the obvious reason of deceiving hikers that it was the peak, but then when they reached the said peak, the final peak/summit awaits and it was so frustrating knowing that the said peak was the peak you thought it was. Good thing, I was not belong to those hikers with these kind of frustration – thanks for the blogs I read way back before this adventure happened. We took our lunch and rest a bit at Peak of Deception, then proceeded towards the summit.

On our way to summit. yipeee!
Arrived @ summit around 1PM. 🙂
Team Davao and Manila represents. XD

We arrived at summit around 12:30PM (imagine the unbearable heat at that moment of time). From Peak of Deception, it only took us 45 minutes before reaching the summit, but hey let me give a piece of warning: in order for you to pass the summit, a rocky wall with a 90 degree slope is the last obstacle for you to be able to conquer and summit G2. This area is the major reason why during rainy season, many of the guide and locals advised the hikers to abort the summit because of being slippery and no foothold plus no harness on the hikers which makes the said portion impassable. Take note that there were documented cases of injury and death way back 1990’s due to persistent attitude despite having bad weather. It’s better to be safe than having the climb aborted. Passed the final hurdle, summit is just a meter away and before reaching it, one must passed what they called “Walk of Fame” trail. It’s a basic and easy trail going to summit – no need for any acrobatic movement.

Going to Camp 3 of Olango Trail

After we celebrated the success of reaching G2’s apex, we headed towards Camp 3 of Olango Trail. During those period, we were drained, thirst, exhausted and feels like we’re unable to arrive at Camp 3. What kept on motivating me to continue on those period was my determination to complete the expedition. From summit, an estimated 4 hours is needed to reach Camp 3 of Olango Trail. At exactly 4 PM, Me, Fred, Mae and Jessa arrived at Camp 3. Terrence and others were earlier to arrive. Water was the first thing we asked as we arrived at the campsite. I took a quick rest and find a spot to set-up my hammock. Due to exhausting and draining day, I didn’t noticed I fell asleep on my hammock.

Sea of Clouds on a colorful sky

Woke up with a vivid and precious scenery surprised and amazed me as we able to catch and witness sunset and it’s effect on the sky. One of the most beautiful sunset I’ve witnessed in my life. You just can’t get enough being grateful to Him after all the knee-pounding, exhausting, draining and death-defying experiences you had upon the entirety of the adventure.

We spent the whole day at Camp 3. the same settings as we had on Mayo’s Peak – dinner, socials, lights-out. We ended up fell asleep and not able to finish drinking the remaining liquor (effects of draining and exhausting day HAHA!).


Day 3 of the adventure entails our descent via Olango trail. Majority of the specs descending Olango Trail were same as our ascent via Tampayan Trail (the trail we followed during the ascent period). Going to Camp 2, they were a lot of drop zone which required a little bit of mindful scramble. While descending, my feet starts to feel a burning sensation. If there were no sharp rocky edges on the trail, I wouldn’t hesitate to remove my shoes and proceed with a bare feet on it. Anyway, we departed from Camp 3 around 7 AM. Upon the whole duration of descent, 50% were drop zone and scrambling. As we legged the Camp 2 going to Camp 1, no more rocky edge terrains and drop zone, instead it was plain descent which was an advantage for us – you can run and nimble along the trail.

Olango River

And finally, we arrived at Olango River around 10 AM and I was amazed that we were able to arrive earlier than the expected time based on our itinerary. At the river, we immediately took a bath and freshened up as well as ate our lunch while waiting for the others to come. Me, Terrence, Gen, Marjames, Flor, Fred, and Jay-r were the ones who arrived first. While waiting, we also set our hammock for us to took some rest. While all were at the river and took some rest, freshened up a little bit and took their lunch, Sir Toto accompanied us going to the exit point. As we passed the remaining part of Olango river, the surroundings looks like an African set-up because of it’s trees, geographic features, among others. 🙂 A charted jeepney was waiting on us at Barangay San Fernando to pick us up. As I looked up on the jagged edges of G2, I couldn’t believed that we were able to conquer one of the most hardest, technical and respected mountain here in the Philippines. My mind was filled with unbelievable thoughts and I couldn’t contained myself from being proud for the team. All the intense planning, prayers from our friends and family, hardships and struggles for this event to be successful were filled with satisfaction, fulfillment and gratitude. Thanks Mother Nature for providing us good and wonderful weather during the course of the adventure.

Going to Cresta de Gallo

As we rode the charted jeepney, I thought the adventure was over, but Anjo surprised us with a side trip on a beach (maybe his way of treating us on his birthday haha!) YEHEEEEY! Sir Toto suggested Cresta de Gallo, a 1 and 1/2 hour boat ride from Brgy. San Fernando. Cresta de Gallo is one of the most famous sandbars in Romblon Province. This island was maintained and owned by government. We bought food and drinks coz there’s no available food and water in the island. We spent our night on the said island, have some memorable sharing time while hearing the sound of the waves, feeling the salty breeze of air brought by the beach, and enjoying the fine weather as we have our socials.

Our morning at Cresta de Gallo were welcomed by a low pressure area. We didn’t had a wonderful and picturesque shots on the island. At some point, we were worried that we might not able to catch the 11 AM scheduled boat ride going to Batangas. What’s worst? The next schedule was on the next day. We felt like castaways on the island haha! The Helmsman were looking for a right timing on sailing the boat. Finally, around 9 AM, we were able to set sail and cruised the sea on a jarring and jolting manner. Feeling dizzy as we arrived at the port. Luckily, we arrived at the port 15 minutes before departure time. *sigh! We endured 16-hours of wavy, bumpy and dizzy travel going back to Batangas.

As I looked back and reminisced on the things we had on this adventure, up to now, I couldn’t believed that we were able to summit G2. We were filled with gratitude as we were able to endure all the sacrifices we done in making this dream come true. Way back starting this blog of mine and reading blogs about G2, I really thought that conquering this bucket list of mine was just wishfully thinking and “in your dreams” kind of adventure. I am very thankful for being part of this one-of-a-kind experience. Probably, the best climb and adventure I ever had and even my companions would agree on this. I would definitely come back if given the chance. 🙂

TEAM SIBOL @ Mayo’s Peak
Me at Mayo’s Peak

I would like to thank of course, my ever suki event organizer, Anjo Dorado for another milestone and successful trip! For the Mindanao team: Terrence, Jay-r, Flor, Gen, Fred, Mae, Jessa, Sir Khan and Marjames A.K.A Pak Amang for making this event a fun-filled, full of memorable and unforgettable experiences. To Luzon team: Jerick, Carlo, Yam and Sharry for the new friendship that we forged upon this adventure. To the mighty porters and guides of this event, for being so patiently guiding and took care of us as we struggled hiking this arduous mountain. With their guidance, we were able to leg and proudly conquered this death-defying climb. To my beloved Mother for giving me the permission to join this one of a kind adventure without nagging me and for putting her trust in me. Lastly, to our Almighty God for being the overall reason upon the success of this climb. Word’s aren’t enough how much we’re thankful for all the things that happened on this adventure.

What’s next? This question promptly stirred up my mind as I finished one of the three knife edge trilogy of mountains here in Philippines. Anyway, wherever this wandering feet leads me, I’m on it and ready for whatever this life will bring on me. Live life to the fullest and treasure whatever blessing comes. 🙂

See you on my next blog post. 🙂

Here’s our video footage on our adventure in G2. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

PS: this is my first time doing video editing. Forgive me for having a plain and simple editing. 🙂




Mount Guiting-Guiting has two trails namely: Tampayan-Olango Trail and Olango-Tampayan Trail (Reverse Traverse).

Sibuyan Island can be access by the following routes: (1) Via Roxas City; (2) Via Batangas

Normally, a bus trip from Manila to Batangas is the usual itinerary being followed by most of the hikers. Then from Batangas Port, you can have the following options depending on the available schedule of Ferry boat based on your itinerary: (1) Batangas Port-Odiongan Port (Tablas Island) then connecting trip from Odiongan Port going to Magdiwang Port (Sibuyan Island). (2) Batangas Port-Fort San Andres (Romblon) then connecting trip from Fort San Andres going to Magdiwang Port (Sibuyan Island). (3) direct boat ride going to Magdiwang Port (Batangas-Sibuyan Island).

  • TRAVEL TIME: 14-16 hours Ferry Boat ride
  • SCHEDULE: Daily @ 2-4PM

Also, Sibuyan Island can be access via Roxas City, Capiz. This route is convenient especially hikers coming from Visayas and Mindanao. Better to have a establish research if you wish to have this route.

  • TRAVEL TIME: 6-8 hours Boat ride
  • SCHEDULE: Roxas City – Sibuyan Island: Tuesday (7 AM) and Friday (9 AM)
    • Sibuyan Island – Roxas City: Wednesday (8 AM); Thursday (8 AM); Friday (9 AM). 


  • Via Batangas:Ferry Boat fee from Batangas Port – Sibuyan Island and vice versa: P1000
    • Bus fee from Manila to Batangas: P170 
  • Via Roxas City:Boat fee from Roxas City – Sibuyan Island: P400-500
  • From Magdiwang Port (Sibuyan Island): Tricycle going to Tampayan Jump-off: P200-250/personMuch better to rent a charted jeepney if you happens to be in a group of 10 or more for practicality purposes. 

*In our case, we rented a charted jeepney and we contributed P300/person and these includes our trip going to DENR station for registration, Brgy. Magdiwang public market and lastly going to Sir Toto’s crib (jump-off).

  • Guide fee, Permit, and Porter: Guide Fee: P3000 per 3 hikers (ratio of 1:3)
    • Porter Fee: P3000 per 3 hikers (ratio of 1:3)
    • Permit: P300 at DENR


Anjo Dorado: visit TEAM EXPLORER page on facebook or you can directly message him at 0909-228-0108.

Sir Bermar “Toto” Tansiongco: you can directly message him on his facebook account. He’s a very known guide in Tampayan-Olango Trail.

Sir Remy Rebiso: you can contact him at 09066356901. (got his contact number at pinoymountaineer blog). He’s the counterpart of Sir Toto. He’s known on guiding the Reverse Traverse trail (Olango-Tampayan Trail).

Sir Andy Regla of DENR: you can contact him at 09284901038.

*Credits to pinoymountaineer and adrenalineromance for contact number of sir Remy and Andy.


Water sources: this is one of the major contributory factor on why G2 is arduous. There are limited sites for water source. It is advisable to have at least 3-4L per hiker especially if peak season (summer season). Bulod Spring (past Mayo’s Peak), Mabel Spring (near Peak of Deception), Olango River (exit point of this adventure) are the known water sources.

Campsites: Camp 2 and 3 of Tampayan trail (E-camp usually), Mayo’s Peak, and Olango Camp 3 are the established and known campsites of G2.

Cellphone Signal: Present in most parts except Knife Edge, Mayo’s Peak and Olango Camp 3.

Rope Segment: Near peak of deception after Kiss the Wall portion. Extreme caution is needed especially on knife edge area and scrambling the 90 degree elevation going to summit.

Estimated Budget: 6000-8000 excluding airfare.


1. PREPARATION. This climb requires tons of preparation. Make sure to have plan B in case of unfortunate events. Take note that Mount Guiting-Guiting is one of the most technically challenging hikes here in the Philippines. As much as possible, plan and gather information especially on updates of expenses (fare, guide and porter fee, permit, etc.), and other logistics related part. Aside from logistics side, Don’t forget to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Before embarking on this mountain, do some minor hikes or have a cardio routine like jogging. In my case, I did cardio routine plus circuit at gym. I am forced to have this kind of preparation due to the expectation being set on my mind brought by reading blogs about how difficult G2 is. Also, if you’re suffering from any injury and ailment, consult your doctor first and have his advice before joining the climb. Note that this is a difficult climb, any members of the team with ailment and injury might affect the flow and enjoyment of the adventure.

2. PROPER COORDINATION WITH YOUR CONTACT PERSONNEL/PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE EVENT. Climbing G2 requires an intensive planning and preparation. It’s best to have contact information on your guide regardless if you do the traverse or reverse traverse, tourism office, among others. Contact the following personnel I mentioned above for more inquiries. Book and inform ahead of time of your scheduled climb so that they can prepare before your arrival on the Island, find your porters and guides and update the group of the weather status. Note that MIMAROPA region (where Sibuyan Island belongs) is a typhoon prone area and so prepare for the unexpected (cancellation of climb, abort ascent to summit, etc).

3. THINGS TO BRING. These are the things that one must have in every major hikes they want to join. I will categorize the essential things to bring for your guidance.

  • CLIMB GEAR: essential things to bring: cookset, burner, cold weather gear (warmer, windbreaker jacket, gloves, fleece), extra clothes (1 set for climbing and sleeping, 1 set for returning home), tent or hammock (for hammock, bring a tarp for shelter purposes), trekking shoes, rain weather gear (raincoat, poncho, rain jacket), sleeping bag, earth pad, sunglasses, hat, rush guard, leggings (optional), water bottle (2 bottles of 2L container each) headlamp, flashlight, whistle, toiletries (tissue paper, wet wipes), extra back pack for your porter (this is for your food and other equipment needed for the group). Be a“self-contained” hiker always. You can also bring extra equipment, but be sure to be mindful of your baggage and set a goal of having a less than 10kg load.
  • FOOD: Always have a meal plan. This will guide you on what to buy/bring upon the whole duration of the hike. As much as possible, food rich in carbohydrate and food that can warm up your body are much preferable. If you havea team with your climb, you can delegate the task in terms of cooking your meal. If you wish to have a meaty meal, make sure to have it on a pre-cooked manner, then budget it according to every meal and put it on a ziplock to save space on your backpack. In terms of trail food, I usually bring jellyace, nuts, candies, raisins, etc. These are the breakdown of our meal plan:
    • Arrival: dinner (Sir Toto’s crib). Breakfast and lunch were done before going to the jump-off destination.
    • Day 1: breakfast, lunch, dinner (prepare breakfast and lunch at the jump-off).
    • Day 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner (prepare breakfast and lunch at Mayo’s Peak).
    • Day 3: breakfast, lunch (you can have the lunch at the exit point or you can prepare it together with the breakfast. It’s up to you).
  • PHOTOGRAPHY GEARS. For those who loves photography, here’s what I brought on this adventure: GoPro Hero 4, cellphone and a mirrorless camera (sony a6000) plus tripod and monopod. Note that the more you had with you your gear, the more loaded you are unlike others.
  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, CLIMB CERTIFICATE, FEE: Upon registration, DENR office requires you to have your medical certificate signed by the physician. Also, they will look for a climb certificate for them to be assure that the said hiker is not a first timer. They discouraged first time hiker because of the difficulty of the mountain. Please see above the fees on guide permit, porter, guide, etc

NOTE: Waterproof everything (clothes, gadgets, batteries, etc). put the necessary equipment on a zip lock. Put a large garbage bag inside your bag then packed and arranged all the things (with zip lock or dry bags on it). Rain cover of your bag does not guarantee your equipment to be protected at all times. Also, it’s a must to bring medicine kit/first aid kit and other emergency related equipment such as: tourniquet, whistle, cold weather gears, rain weather gears, extra batteries and powerbank.

4. KEEP IN TOUCH IN EVERY MEMBERS OF THE TEAM. Never let any members of the group out of sight. Have with you your lead, middleman, and sweeper. Be sure that the assigned personnel on the said role have better and more familiar with their role and also skillful enough to handle unexpected situations. If possible, have the lead and sweeper a radio for them to have updates on their whereabouts. Also, have a contact personnel at the jump-off or any ground points that will serves as the connection between your team and outside the climbing environment. This will help the team for an unexpected turn of events. If you can find any signals along the trail, update your contact ground personnel of your current location to keep them aware about the status of your team.

5. DELEGATE TASK ON THE TEAM. Always delegate task on your team. This aspect is being taken for granted for some. They tend to rely on those people who has better experienced in terms of outdoor activities. In our case, we grouped ourselves into 3 groups so that task can be delegate and assign. As I’ve said before on my previous blog, proper delegation of tasks contributes on having a smooth flow of the adventure. It also helps each one of us to be more responsible and adept upon the task being assigned.

6. BE ON TIME ALWAYS. Follow your itinerary and be on time as much as possible. The earlier arrival on the expected time of the itinerary, much better. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

7. BRING ALL THE NECESSARY THINGS BEFORE EMBARKING ON THE ADVENTURE. Have with you your climb permit, medical certificate, valid ID’s, essential equipment and your brave and wandering souls before starting the adventure.

8. BE UPDATED ON THE WEATHER CONDITION A WEEK OR DAYS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED CLIMB. Take note that Sibuyan Island is a typhoon prone area. Cancel the climb if there is a forecast of rain and storm. Safety is the number one priority on every climb a hikers must have. Best season for climbing G2 is during summer season (March-May). AS much as possible, make an allowance of the itinerary just in case unexpected bad weather might come upon your arrival at the Island.

9. OBSERVED PROPER MOUNTAINEERING ETIQUETTE. Just like other mountains, Mount Guiting-Guiting is sacred. Observe silence at all times and ALWAYS follow Leave No Trace Principle diligently. Include your guides and porters on your meal plan and socials. Remember that they’re there ready to extend help during times of our difficulties. They are part of the success of the adventure.

10. PRAY. Before starting the adventure, Pray. Do not take for granted the power of prayer. DO NOT EVER RELY ON YOUR OWN STRENGTH just because you are considered by some as “hardcore mountaineer”. Prayer is the major contributor on the success of the adventure.

Share to us your climbing experience through comment section of this post. Feel free to ask question/s. Constructive ones are much welcome.

19 thoughts on “Trekking Mount Guiting-Guiting(G2): One of the Knife Edge Mountains in the Philippines

    Adrenaline Romance said:
    June 25, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Nice one sir! You finally (and successfully) climbed one of the grandest mountains in the Philippines! Congratulations! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      June 25, 2018 at 2:03 pm

      Yes finally! 🙂 And your blog was one of my inspiration on achieving this another lifetime experience. 🙂 very helpful not just on the planning part, but also on what to expect, journey and others. Thank you by the way sir. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    dakilanglaagan said:
    June 26, 2018 at 6:32 am

    Hoooooy~ congrats!!! 😍😍😍 Always been a dream to climb that bukid 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    Otto von Münchow said:
    November 12, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    What an amazing trekk. Congratulations with reaching the summit.

    Liked by 1 person

    calmkate said:
    December 19, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Looks and sounds like a great trip … you have so much to be grateful for 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      December 24, 2018 at 4:50 am

      Indeed. 🙂 Not just this trip that I am thankful, but the life I have right now. Despite of having hard time dealing the reality of life, I find it precious in a way that I push myself to the limit and I learn a lot. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for dropping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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