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Christmas in the Philippines may be the longest holiday celebration based on how other culture or race celebrated this season. As “ber” month kicks in on the calendar, you will see the festive vibe alluring everywhere. If you see “Parol” being sold on the streets, “Belen” displayed on famous landmarks of the town/city, and Christmas songs being played everywhere, it normally signals the start of the season. We are now closer for this year’s to end and 2019 is fast approaching. I just want to give thanks for the people around me and also to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for being with me all the time. You are the reason for this season.

One of my most favorite day is to spend time with my family during this season – Christmas day! (I think everyone can relate on this. LOL) Its euphoric and nostalgic to think that time flies too fast. I feel like yesterday was 2017, but here I am right now, reminiscing and cherishing things that happened this year. Just like the old time, Christmas tradition is everywhere, and you can feel the Christmas frenzy – the feeling of running around to buy present, dress the Christmas tree displayed on your house, shop for foods and then slaved by the kitchen to prepare for Christmas. It is worth cherishing to celebrate traditions like this – it will somehow unite families and detached ourselves on our own respective lives (work, business, school) and altogether spend this very grandeur moment.

As I grow older, I find it a bit weird and less enthralling to think that Christmas is coming. I remember when I was a child, all the fond and happy thoughts about Christmas explodes in my mind like I want to arrive Christmas day right away. But now, it’s like a normal tradition and a time to relax, chill, and spend time with your loved ones. Maybe on that aspect, I am still thankful that I can celebrate this season with my loved ones, and to unwind and escape from the realms of reality.

I am very fortunate with all the plot twists that happened this year, despite of struggling to accomplish my supposed-to-be goals in 2018. Yeah, I know it is too cliché for us Filipinos (realtalk haha!) for not having accomplished all the goals we set on a particular year, but I am proud that somehow, I managed to get half on my lists. Yeheeeey! Also, I am thankful because I can spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with my family and relative on our house. I really thought I could spend my Christmas on hospital, but thanks to my workmate Cess who volunteered to have a change schedule. I was supposed to be on hospital during Christmas, but yesterday, Cess voluntarily offered that she will took my shift so that I can celebrate this day with my family. Even in the changing times, one thing remains, we Filipinos always find ways to celebrate Christmas with our beloved families. 🙂

Before I end this, I just wanted to tell everyone to give love, be selfless and radiates peace on everyone. The true meaning of Christmas is to share love, positivity and peace regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation, color, and creed. Christmas = Love.

Nevertheless, let us have a worth Christmas day with thanksgiving. Always give thanks of all the blessing we received this year and be thankful for the life we had right now. Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a blessed and meaningful day y’all!

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