I thought she is the one

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Oh it’s nice to be back here at WordPress. 🙂

I haven’t wrote any entries for the month of July due to hectic schedule. So hard to find time though! Tsk! Good thing that I finally have the time to blog again. 🙂

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A Father’s Day Tribute

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This day, we celebrated the day of one of the most important man of our life; our daddy, papa, ama, paps, dad, erpats and other names we can used to call to our father. Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

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Mount Pulag via Ambangeg Trail: My First Major Climb

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After we have our Mount Ulap climb in which it gave us a warmed up and wonderful views, our next climb was the beautiful and highest peak in Luzon, MOUNT PULAG. 

Mount Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon (2,922+ MASL) and rated as top 3 highest mountains in the Philippines. This mountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful with a very majestic ocean of clouds (I didn’t used the word “sea of clouds” because it’s too mainstream haha!) and possibly the most breathtaking scenery among all mountains here in the Philippines. There are at least 3 most common trails in which climbers can have: Ambangeg, Akiki and Tawangan Trail. Ambangeg Trail was the easiest among them. Akiki and Tawangan Trail have different type of difficulty and specs but based on ratings, they are both 7/9 trail difficulty.

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This “mini-Mount Ugo” as what other mountaineers and locals described the mountain showcases stunning views of the neighboring mountains, grassland ridges, pine trees and burial caves upon descending. Mount Ulap Eco-Trail is located in Itogon, Benguet. A 30-40 minute ride away from Baguio City will do to reach the said place. It is a very feasible day-hike climb with a 5-6 hours trek and very established trails.

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Mountain climbing is one of the trending outdoor activity nowadays. I’ve seen a lot of posts on different social media about “Buhis-Buhay Shots”, “Sea of Clouds”, “Selfie na nakatalikod para makita ang view haha!” and a lot more. Like most big challenges though, the feeling and satisfaction on reaching the peak gives a vast sense of fulfillment, achievement and success which ensures a feeling that can last a lifetime.

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Snippets of information ABOUT ME

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A warmest welcome to my simple blog! I am Aaron, at your service!

I am a NOVICE in terms of blogging so pardon me if you can notice some grammatical errors (hope none hehe). I am open to receive comments, criticisms (constructive or even destructive, LOL!), views and opinions from you. I created this blog so that I can write or feature significant and even out-of-somewhere journey here on earth and to avoid dull and monotonous lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »