Mount Kalatungan Traverse Mount Wiji: Unending Assault Awaits!

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This entry was supposed to be posted last year, but another katangahan moments  hits me. It was unintentionally deleted as well as the photos due to technical problems on my laptop (virus sucks!). Anyway, let’s continue and join me on my adventure on this exhilarating mountain.

A lot of people are having interest on doing hiking/mountaineering/climbing (whatever you may called it). They opted to have their travel and leave credits (for those having their work) on this kind of outdoor activity rather than on the beach, city tours, among others. Trending ika nga! I considered this climb as a “tick-off’-the-bucketlist” and out of plan adventure (will tell you later the reason on why is it an “out of plan” adventure). 

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Mount Kitanglad Traverse Mount Dulang-Dulang – One Of My Dream Climb (PART II)

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This traverse made me realized that there are people who are way better than us. I used to climb famous multi-day hikes here in Mindanao, but Mount Kitanglad and Dulang-Dulang teaches me to humble myself and erased the notion of being a hardcore wannabe. HAHA! Some of my companions here on this adventure are first timer and I am stunned by how they managed to have a faster pacing than me. Indeed, this mountain helped me inculcate that mountaineering is not just about the bravado of posting on social media to say “Look… I’m doing this. Amazing isn’t it?” OR having the idea of doing things that you think you’re better than others just because you have done things that other’s don’t have. It is more on being aware and sensitive of one’s environment. It also reminded me of our role as stewards in the entirety of His creation. Mountaineering gave me an eye-opening realization that we are just a speck of this universe, and that makes this world full of mysteries and puts a lot of queries in my mind. We have tons of things to learn and explore on our perspective journeys. This entry is a continuation of my adventure in Kitanglad Ranges, but this time it’s more on our experiences and struggles in Mount Dulang-Dulang. 🙂

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Mount Kitanglad Traverse Mount Dulang-Dulang – One Of My Dream Climb (PART I)

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Hello there WordPress!

It’s been a long time (almost a year, I think?) since I last posted on this page. Well, to summarize the reason why I haven’t written an entry for almost a year, it is because I forgot my account’s password on WordPress (funny and foolish isn’t it?). 2017 was truly a blessed year for me because finally after a year of having an unstable job, I got hired at a government hospital. *Congrats self* HAHA! It’s really hard for me to spend time on this hobby especially when you have shifting schedule. It takes time for me to adjust on having a shifting schedule plus the workload on a government hospital is different from my previous hospital that I have been affiliated which is a private setting. Anyway, the important thing is, here I am and ready to relive and reinvigorate this page. Wohooo! 

Let me start this blog by continuing my supposed to be last year’s entry. I purposely cut this entry into two parts for me to have a not-so-lengthy post. This entry entails my adventure on Mount Kitanglad traverse to Mount Dulang-dulang.

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