Mount Kitanglad Traverse Mount Dulang-Dulang – One Of My Dream Climb (PART I)

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Hello there WordPress!

It’s been a long time (almost a year, I think?) since I last posted on this page. Well, to summarize the reason why I haven’t written an entry for almost a year, it is because I forgot my account’s password on WordPress (funny and foolish isn’t it?). 2017 was truly a blessed year for me because finally after a year of having an unstable job, I got hired at a government hospital. *Congrats self* HAHA! It’s really hard for me to spend time on this hobby especially when you have shifting schedule. It takes time for me to adjust on having a shifting schedule plus the workload on a government hospital is different from my previous hospital that I have been affiliated which is a private setting. Anyway, the important thing is, here I am and ready to relive and reinvigorate this page. Wohooo! 

Let me start this blog by continuing my supposed to be last year’s entry. I purposely cut this entry into two parts for me to have a not-so-lengthy post. This entry entails my adventure on Mount Kitanglad traverse to Mount Dulang-dulang.

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