Mount Apo: experience a paradise in this world full of chaos and torment

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When I was in my childhood years, I’ve always seen this Majestic mountain towering above in a far distance. I also known his reputation as the highest summit in the Philippines through lectures in history, textbooks and journals. Every afternoon, me and my little brother had this moment of going on the roof of our house just to witness sunset on Mount Apo. I always wondered what it feels like stepping on its apex and experience it’s mighty among all the mountains here in the Philippines. Back then, never in my wildest dreams would I conquered not only Mount Apo but also completed the tough/top five highest mountains here in the Philippines. During my review days (board exam preparation), I always imagining myself being at the top of the world and promised myself that, If I topped and passed the board examination, I will go to this mountain and shout to the world how thankful I am to the Lord that I passed and topped the board exam. But those were wishfully thinking coz I didn’t make it on the top, but still thankful to Him for allowing me to pass one of my crucial point in my life: BOARD EXAMINATION. Anyway, Join me and be thrilled as I venture this another milestone in my life as a mountaineer.

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