A Father’s Day Tribute

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This day, we celebrated the day of one of the most important man of our life; our daddy, papa, ama, paps, dad, erpats and other names we can used to call to our father. Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

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Mountain climbing is one of the trending outdoor activity nowadays. I’ve seen a lot of posts on different social media about “Buhis-Buhay Shots”, “Sea of Clouds”, “Selfie na nakatalikod para makita ang view haha!” and a lot more. Like most big challenges though, the feeling and satisfaction on reaching the peak gives a vast sense of fulfillment, achievement and success which ensures a feeling that can last a lifetime.

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Snippets of information ABOUT ME

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A warmest welcome to my simple blog! I am Aaron, at your service!

I am a NOVICE in terms of blogging so pardon me if you can notice some grammatical errors (hope none hehe). I am open to receive comments, criticisms (constructive or even destructive, LOL!), views and opinions from you. I created this blog so that I can write or feature significant and even out-of-somewhere journey here on earth and to avoid dull and monotonous lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »